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Hello EUROAVIAns, we are finally announcing our second International Event: InSpace Symposium, as the name suggests the activities during this event will be related to the theme of the World Space Week 2023 that will be “Space & Entrepreneurship”.

There will be conferences, roundtables and a workshop to explore various topics in this broad field of engineering, but there will also be time to explore the beautiful city of Forlì and to have a lot of fun.

So don’t hesitate, subscribe to the event and see you in Forlì.

Schedule of the event

Hostel Location

If you have the possibility of directly arriving at the Forlì airport “Luigi Ridolfi”, just at 3 minutes walk from the airport there is a bus stop where you can take the line 7 FIERA bus which takes you at “Libertà-Scuole” stop. On the opposite side of the street there’s another bus stop called “Libertà-Scuole” and there you could take the line 4 CAVA and then proceed as in the first case or you can walk and in less than 15 min you should arrive to Foresteria Universitaria.
From the Bologna Airport it is recommended to get the Marconi Express train or the bus (one way tickect 7€), which, from the airport, takes you directly to the central train station of Bologna. There you can buy the train ticket Bologna Centrale – Forlì and there are several options: regional trains, frecciarossa (high speed train), and intercity trains. We suggest to get a regional train whose frequency is between 30 min and 10 min which is less than the other train options and is also cheaper, it costs 6,80€. Once arrived at the Forlì train station you can buy the bus tickets “zona 1” (1,30€) either in the station or at the bus stop which is in front of the station. The bus line is the 4 CAVA and leaves you at Piazza Saffi, then your destination is at 2 minutes walk.

University Location

In this case we suggest to walk to the bus stop “Libertà-Scuole” and take the bus line 7 RONCO or Aeroporto, it takes you in front of the university.


General Information

First round of applicationsxx/xx/2023 at xx:xx UTCxx/xx/2023 at xx:xx UTC
Second round of applications (if applicable)xx/xx/2023 at xx:xx UTCxx/xx/2023 at xx:xx UTC
Free cancellation periodxx/xx/2023 at xx:xx UTCxx/xx/2023 at xx:xx UTC
25% cancellation periodxx/xx/2023 at xx:xx UTCxx/xx/2023 at xx:xx UTC
50% cancellation periodxx/xx/2023 at xx:xx UTCxx/xx/2023 at xx:xx UTC
100% cancellation periodxx/xx/2023 at xx:xx UTCxx/xx/2023 at xx:xx UTC

The number of participants for the INSPACE will be XX to distribute among the (P)AS/AM and X for the working groups.


XXth of xxxx 2023 at XX:00 UTC – The first round of applications opens.

INSPACE AS applications will be prioritised to meet the Quorum, giving priority to the first (1) member of each AS. Once it is met, the remaining (P)AS/AM applications will be processed as “first-come first-served” and priority will be given to the first (1) member of each (P)AS/AM.

The AMEAC applications are processed as “first-come first-served”. To promote the diversity and to ensure the Quorum for the Congress, priority will be given to the first (1) member of each (P)AS/AM/WG.

For Congresses, the (P)AS/AM/WG has the possibility to deliver a priority list for their participants.

XXth of xxxx 2023 at XX:59 UTC – The first round of applications closes.

The second round of applications will be opened with the same criteria as above in case:

  • the quorum is not reached;
  • the minimum number of participants is not reached.

XXth of xxxx 2023 at XX:00 UTC – The second round of applications opens.

XXth of xxxx 2023 at XX:59 UTC – The second round of applications closes.

If there are still vacancies, they will be filled with the people on the waiting list always following the same criteria as above.


The participation fee is XXX€ (EUR XXX) for the INSPACE.

The participation fee covers eight (x) nights (from the Xth to the Xth of xxxx 2023) of accommodation, every meal, including welcome dinner and final dinner, and transportation to the venue of the event.

The payment information regarding the participation fee will be provided to the participants via email, once confirmed.

Travel costs to Forlì will be covered by each participant.

EUROAVIA Forlì-Bologna will not provide accommodation outside of the event dates. However, if a participant needs to stay extra days, EUROAVIA Forlì-Bologna will assist him/her in finding proper accommodation.

(?) Participants of the INSPACE are eligible for the TSP as per the EUROAVIA Bylaws, section 14, subsection 14.2. Please refer to the “Application & Cancellation Rules” document through the button below and to the Official EUROAVIA Bylaws document.

In the case that a member has been confirmed by the organising committee to participate in the INSPACE 2023, but, for any reason, he/she is unable to participate in the event, he/she has the option of cancelling the participation. In order to do so, the member will have to send an email to the organising committee ( stating the reason for the cancellation and the participation fee will be partially/fully paid, based on the following criteria:

Period of cancellationINSPACE cancellation fee to be paid
Before the XX/XX/2023 at 00:00 UTC0%
XX/XX/2023 at 00:00 UTC – XX/XX/2023 at 23:59 UTC25% (XX €)
XX/XX/2023 at 00:00 UTC – XX/XX/2023 at 23:59 UTC50% (XX €)
From XX/XX/2023 at 00:00 UTC100% (XXX €)

If the member cancels his/her participation, the respective Local Group is responsible for transferring the cancellation fee to the event organisers, under the condition that his/her place cannot be filled by someone else on the waiting list.

Participants on the waiting list that are admitted due to cancellation will have the possibility to cancel within one (1) week from receiving the acceptance email without paying a cancellation fee.

After this week, the cancellation fee will be according to the periods listed above.

The organising committee has decided that all participants in the event, regardless of their country of origin, must fill out a Health Declaration, that will be provided to the accepted attendees.

Not mandatory but recommended is a valid EUROPEAN DIGITAL COVID CERTIFICATE (also known as the “Green Certificate”) that has proof of full vaccination (completed at least 10 days before traveling) OR a one that has proof of recovery from COVID-19 in the last 180 days.

During the event, if any of the participants contract COVID-19, the organising committee will help him/her find proper accommodation and will cover its costs during the event period. However, AS Forlì-Bologna will not cover the cost of accommodation outside of the event dates. During the isolation period, the participant will not be able to attend any of the event activities.


In Italy, is no longer mandatory to show the “Green Pass” to access facilities and means of transportation, nor it is to wear FFP2 type respiratory protective devices.

It is however recommended to wear respiratory protection devices in all public indoor places.

Travellers from China must undergo an antigen-test (swab) upon the arrival at the airport.

It should be remembered that if you are undergoing a molecular or antigenic test in order to return from Italy, please take into consideration the possibility that the test gives a positive result. In this case, it is not possible to travel by commercial means and you are subject to the quarantine and containment procedures required.
Also, having had contact with a person testing positive to COVID-19 and presenting symptoms leads to the obligation to undergo a test, with what follows in case of positivity.

It is therefore recommended to be careful during the trip, taking the necessary safety measures at all times.