From Bologna Airport

From the Bologna Airport it is recommended to get the Marconi Express train or the bus, which, from the airport, takes you directly to the central train station of Bologna. There you can buy the train ticket Bologna Centrale – Forlì and there are several options: regional trains, frecciarossa (high speed train), and intercity trains. We suggest to get a regional train whose frequency is between 30 min and 10 min which is less than the other train options and is also cheaper, it costs 6,80€. Once arrived at the Forlì train station you can buy the bus tickets “zona 1” (1,30€ and it’s yellow) either in the station or at the bus stop which is in front of the station. The bus line is the 4 CAVA and leaves from the B pensiline, you need to get off at Piazza Saffi, then your destination is at 2 minutes walk.