Working Groups

Working Groups are the true driving force of EUROAVIA Forlì-Bologna. Their main task is to deliver what the Local Board has approved, by creating promotional materials for new events, spreading the news through Association media, maintaining its website up to date and recruiting sponsors for its promotion.

They are comprised by motivated and enthusiastic students that combine their knowledge and time to focus on the specific needs of the association.

Below, the Working Groups for EUROAVIA Forlì-Bologna and their specific duties are presented. Each group is managed by one or more member of the Local Board.

Communication WG: responsible for the promotion of the Association and its events on its communication channels and to show a strong image of the AS both to partners and members. It works in synergy with two other WGs, Design and Events.
Manager: Elena Tonucci

Design WG: responsible to create the event’s promotional material (i.e. banner, poster, photo editing), design the Association merchandise and manage the Corporate Identity.
Manager: Chiara Pennuti

Event WG: responsible for the event organization by conctacting lecturers, providing facilities in which to host the events and defining the schedule of them.
Manager: Beatrice Boccadifuoco

Information Technology WG: responsible for maintaining and improving the website, updating the newsletter system and advsing the Local Board on IT issues.
Manager: Giacomo Semprini Cesari

Sponsor WG: responsible for finding new sponsors and parterships between EUROAVIA Forlì-Bologna and other third-parties, from academic to corporate and even istitutional.
Manager: Andrea Togni

Bob Van der Wijst

23 yo, second year of Master's Degree.

Calm, sensible and filled with laughter (when the occasion arises), his biggest passion is to discover and create. For this reason he loves to travel, cook and do science. Wherever he goes, he applies all he has learned to share the inspirations he has to others.

Johan Birnie

24 y/o, second year of Master's Degree.

He is a mechanical engineer who, one day, was driving in the chaotic Guatemalan traffic and, the next, was discovering Italy.
He is trying to find the equilibrium between mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, watching sports (football, F1, baseball, etc), TV series, reading and traveling (sounds impossible).

Fabio Galuppi

23 yo, third year of Bachelor's Degree

Aviation and photography enthusiast, Aerospace Engineering's student at Bologna University in Forlì and current member of Euroavia Forlì-Bologna within Design WG.

Kai Aidan Growcoot

24 yo, first year of Master's Degree

Half Italian, half English, Astrophysics Graduate from the UK. Love gaming, space and beer. Planning on helping humanity escape Earth asap by designing a new space drive.

Francesco De Cecio

23 yo, second year of Master's Degree, PoliMi

Long time passionate about space exploration, currently a space engineering student at PoliMi with a special focus on how to help people with research.

Paolo Matteoni

23 yo, second year of Master's Degree, PoliMi

Space Engineer passionate of technology, IoT and software. Graduated in Autumn 2019 at UniBo has now moved in Milan. In the free time you'll find him somewhere on the mountains with his motorbike. Quattro Ingegneri DOP ®