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The EUROAVIA Forlì-Bologna podcast

We proudly reveal our new creation, the EUROAVIA Forlì-Bologna podcast, the podcast in which we talk about careers in aerospace, technology and personal development.

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Last episode: episode 2

In this episode, the former president of our Local Board, Elena Tonucci, talks about her experience with studying in the Netherland at TU Delft, compared to studying in Italy. If that’s not enough, she also tells the story of how she won the first prize in the EUROAVIA Hackaton! (Intro music by Luca Cenerino).

Other episodes:

Episode 1

In this episode, the former president of EUROAVIA, João Amaral, talks about his journey towards and inside the International Board and about his vision on the future of EUROAVIA. (Intro music by Luca Cenerino).