Local Board

Chiara Pennuti

22 yo, first year of Master's Degree

Astronomy enthusiast and space lover. Nowadays she’s attending her first year of the Aerospace Master’s degree at the University of Bologna. In her spare time she likes travelling and diving into rivers.

Raoul Andriulli

22 yo, first year of Master's Degree

Membro dei Quattro Ingegneri, frequenta ora il corso di laurea magistrale in Via Fontanelle 40 dove porta avanti la campagna iniziata in triennale contro il crescione e la piada alta.

Giacomo Semprini Cesari
Communication WG Manager

22 yo, third year of Bachelor's Degree

Membro fondatore dei Quattro Ingegneri, nonché suo AD, Giacomo persegue il raggiungimento di un livello di benessere pari all'ottavo dan, organizzando le Cene degli Ingegneri. Suo obiettivo finale è la conquista di EA sotto la pura bandiera dei Quattro Ingegneri.

Elena Tonucci

21 yo, third year of Bachelor's Degree

A girl from Fano who loves to sing and conquer the world. Divided between science and space exploration on one hand and music, literature and languages on the other.

Andrea Togni

26 yo, PhD student

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Working Groups

Fabio Galuppi

Aviation and photography enthusiast, Bachelor's student at Bologna University in Forlì and current member of Euroavia Forlì-Bologna within Graphics WG.

Paolo Matteoni
IT Manager

22 yo, first year of Master's Degree, PoliMi

Space Engineer passionate of technology, IoT and software. Graduated in Autumn 2019 at UniBo has now moved in Milan. In the free time you'll find him somewhere on the mountains with his motorbike. Quattro Ingegneri DOP ®

Francesco De Cecio

22 yo, first year of Master's Degree, PoliMi

Long time passionate about space exploration, currently a space engineering student at PoliMi with a special focus on how to help people with research.

Kai Aidan Growcoot

22 yo, first year of Master's Degree

Half Italian, half English, Astrophysics Graduate from the UK. Love gaming, space and beer. Planning on helping humanity escape Earth asap by designing a new space drive.