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How to join the Association

This form allows you to sign up to EUROAVIA Forlì-Bologna, officially becoming a member of the association.

  1. Pay the membership fee of 10€ using any of the accepted payment methods
  2. Follow the chosen payment method instructions
  3. Fill the form* at the bottom of the page

Please read Privacy Policy and fill all the following fields.

*Your submission will be approved only after having confirmed the payment of the membership fee

Accepted payment methods

You can send the membership fee payment to our PayPal account, with a bank transfer or give it directly in cash to one of the members of the Local Board.

IMPORTANT: Please remember to fill up the form at the bottom of the page with any form of payment chosen

• Paypal

Please remember to write as following in the payment description: “Membership EUROAVIA – [YOUR NAME]”

IMPORTANT: If you choose PayPal remember to send the money selecting the option “friends or family”

Bank Transfer

The details for the bank transfer are listed below:
Recipient Name: Associazione euroavia Forli Bologna Aps
Recipient Adress: Via Valverde 15, Forli, 47121 FC, Italy
Cause: Membership Fee €10 – [Name Surname]
IBAN: IT77J0623013200000046777576

IMPORTANT: After the payment, please contact us at writing an email as following

Object: “Membership EUROAVIA – [YOUR NAME]”

Text: …



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