Old Build the Wings of your Future

EUROAVIA is the European Association of Aerospace Students. Founded in 1959, it is a non-government and non-profit student-run organisation whose aim is to bring the students interested in aviation and space together with the aerospace industry network.

Its main goals are:
• to offer students from different countries the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas
• to promote the contact between students and the aerospace industry
• to represent European aerospace students at an international level
• to develop and improve their skills to become capable and competent engineers

EUROAVIA Forlì-Bologna is one of the newest additions to the Local Group, founded in January 2019 by a group of passionate Aerospace Engineering students. Our mission is to spread awareness regarding the opportunities that EUROAVIA offers by becoming a member.

Indeed, by becoming an EUROAVIAn, you will receive a unique opportunity to form a professional network for your future career by meeting people who share your same interests and making connections with the aerospace industry.

 Find out the advantages and benefits of becoming an EUROAVIAn:

  • Chance to apply to all the International Events organised every year across Europe
  • Opportunity of guided company tour
  • Chance to participate at our local events: conference calls, divulgative gatherings, workshops and much more…
  • Chance to improve both your hard and soft skills by joining the Local Board and/or Working Groups!

This is your time to become an EUROAVIAn!

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