Icaro Project Challenges

ICARO Project Challeges

Space mission anlysis – NPC SPACEMIND

The background against which the challenge of this Hackathon is set is one that
characterizes everyday company operations. Indeed, consider the scenario for which the
company receives a request for the design of a complete satellite platform, starting with a
customer-provided Payload.

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ZEFHIR Unmanned, a new drone frontier – Curti Aerospace

Today the rotary wings drone market is a fast growing one. The MTOW category where
Zefhir will play is still almost empty but many players announced they are going to enter
this sector soon.
To compete, companies need to come up with innovative solutions to improve their
attractiveness on the market, and that’s exactly what we as Zefhir do

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Build your parachute – CShark

In this cutting-edge project, we aim to explore the possibilities offered by the use of
stratospheric balloons as infrastructure for satellite launches. Stratospheric balloons
represent a cost-effective and efficient solution to reach high altitudes, thus enabling access
to near-Earth space for a wide range of applications, including scientific research, Earth
observation, and telecommunications.

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