Icaro Project

IMPORTANT: Applications deadline has been extended from 15th to 28th of March!

What is the Icaro Project?

The Icaro Project is the first aerospace-related hackathon taking place in Forlì. The participating teams will have to come up with the best solution to the challenges proposed by the different companies.
This project is a hybrid event, merging physical phases with online ones. The hackathon will last 12 days, from the 3rd to the 14th of April 2024, starting with an online kick-off event and ending with a live award ceremony at the MAE event in Forlì on the 17th of April.

What is an Hackathon?

An hackathon is a dynamic and collaborative event that brings together engineers, students and enthusiasts passionate about technology. Participants have to work within a specified timeframe to innovate and create solutions tailored to the industry, in this case Aerospace Industry.

Whether it’s developing software for flight management systems, designing next-generation aircraft parts, or exploring advancements in satellite technology, the Aerospace hackathon fosters creativity and teamwork. It serves as a platform for participants to push their boundaries while expanding their awareness of technical innovations, learn from industry experts, and showcase their ideas. With a focus on tackling challenges specific to the aerospace sector, this hackathon empowers participants to contribute to the advancement of aerospace technology and inspire the next generation of aerospace pioneers.

The MAE European initiative

The MAE initiative is at the forefront of this collaborative effort, bringing together eight partners and two policy authorities from European regions to drive the industrial transition towards aerospace. With support from Interreg Europe co-funding, MAE focuses on enhancing regional policies and fostering aerospace ecosystems. These ecosystems are envisioned as dynamic environments integrating technology, finance, infrastructure, and human capital to spur responsible local development. Through activities such as knowledge exchange, master classes, and workshops, MAE aims to equip stakeholders with the tools and insights needed to navigate this transition effectively. By refining policies, securing targeted funding, and building capacity among SMEs and stakeholders, MAE paves the way for a new era of innovation and growth in the aerospace sector.

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