Hello #EUROAVIANs, we couldn’t wait to announce the next event organized with the international board of EUROAVIA. We are happy to introduce the roundtables, which will take place on November 20th at 17:00 CET, obviously only online.

We will have the honor of having two representatives of the IB as main speakers, Victoria Prieto and Francesca D’Aversa. “Hi, I am Francesca, I come from the south of Italy and I am the current Secretary of EUROAVIA. Before this year I was in two different Working Groups that you will have the chance to know the 20th! This event is the opportunity to let you guys learn how EUROAVIA works and who are the faces behind all the great work you see every day!”

The roundtables event aims to bring the international and local reality of EUROAVIA closer together.

Victoria, Francesca and some representatives of the international Working groups will talk about their experience within EA, trying to explain well what it means to be part of a group that coordinates all the LB around Europe. Moreover they will explain how their work is organized and what are the opportunities that EA offers internationally.

We have limited ourselves to briefly introducing you to the purpose of the event. We will talk above all about what are the international events, in which even a member registered locally to EUROAVIA can participate! For example, soft skills trainings, international competitions, the trips around Europe that EA offers for training purposes and the possibility of extending one’s network of acquaintances, therefore of networking.

If you can’t wait to know the details of all this remember to fill out the form that you can find in the link below or by scanning the QR code present in the flyers, which you can find at the university or published in the stories! See you at the event!