EUROAVIA Terrassa Visit – Ducati Museum

Last week a group of 20 members of @euroaviaterrassa flew to Bologna and spent 4 days in @regione_emiliaromagna, visiting some of the most relevant industries in the automotive field.
The automotive industry has been one of the most important industrial sectors of the production system in Emilia-Romagna. Companies like Ferrari and @ducati are just the cream of a production chain that includes a huge number of brands.

On the 29th of January we were honoured to host @euroaviaterrassa at our University, where they visited our laboratories and facilities such as the “Vlab”, the Tecnopolo and The Hangar.
Then, on the 31st of January, 10 of our own members had the opportunity to join them on their visit to the #ducatifactory and museum.

We had an amazing time together and we hope to see our Spanish friends again soon around Europe thanks to @euroavia!