Space Rendez-vous – Simulating space on Earth

🎺🎺Goooood afternoon EUROAVIAns🎺🎺

We announce our fresh, new 🚀🚀Space Rendez-Vous🚀🚀, guesting Andrea Curatolo: “Simulating Space🌌 On Earth🌍”.

Andrea Curatolo is a candidate PhD student, he will talk to us about how it is possible to simulate space on Earth. Here’s a brief presentation from Andrea:

Satellites overcome exstensive tests before being launched into space: thermal test, radiation test, vibration test, etc. But how do you simulate the microgravity environment on Earth? In this Rendez-Vous we will discover the attitude simulator testbed for the testing of nanosatellite Attitude and Determination Control Systems.

It will be such an interesting Rendez-Vous, so… don’t miss it‼️

⏰⏰The event will be held on the 26th of October, 18:30, we will be waiting for you at Bifor(@bifor_birraforli)👀.

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