First lesson of the CFD workshop


we are very delighted to announce that our first CFD workshop lesson is scheduled!📆

On 10/03, from 16:00, at @hub.forli, Corso della Repubblica 77, the PhD candidate Raoul Andriulli, expert in the field of plasma thrusters but also on CFD and particle-in-cell simulation in general, will give you an introduction to CFD with OpenFOAM, a very useful and versatile open-source software.

General information about the workshop

This workshop will be an outstanding opportunity to learn how to use very useful software which are not taught in university lessons but are used by companies and in university laboratories (even in internships).

The multiplw lessons of the workshop will be held both by Raoul Andriulli, a PhD student, and Riccardo and Brian, two dimembers of the team who won last Airbus Sloshing Rocket Workshop competition. 🔥

During these lessons we will give you first some hints about meshing with Ansys and transfering the geometry to openFoam, an overview about the toolbox and then a basic explanation of its functions and their usage, with a special focus on the sloshing phenomena.🌊

The final objective of the workshop will be calculating the loads caused by sloshing of water in an half-filled tank!!!

So don’t hesitate and join us! Please just fill the form in bio to make us know if you’ll come.

The topics which will be covered in the other lessons:

-13/03: a deeper, but still general, insight in openFoam workflow and potential (PhD candidate Raoul Andriulli)

-20/03: meshing with Ansys and migration to openFOAM (Riccardo & Brian, previous finalists of the Airbus Sloshing Rocket Workshop)

-27/03: sloshing analysis techniques using openFoam, ParaView and MATLAB (Riccardo & Brian)

To let us know that you will come please fill this form.

The places and dates in which the other (2nd,3rd,4th) lessons will be held may vary, so stay tuned on Instagram or with our Whatsapp and Telegram groups!
If you want to know more about what we will speak about, don’t hesitate to contact us!😀