Flight Club

Hello EUROAVIAns🚀,
we are very excited to announce that our aeromodelling workshop 🛩 is finally scheduled!!!

In this workshop you will learn how to work as a team to build a little RC plane from preliminary design to the first flight! In fact, it will take place at the Villafranca (FC) airfield. The workshop will cover everything, from design to handcrafting and simulator flight lessons! We have scheduled five meetings in which the model will be built, every Friday afternoon from 14/04. These meetings are “mandatory”, so, if you want to take part to it, we need you to guarantee to be present at most of the meetings.

The cost of the material and tools required to build the plane will be shared. We have estimated a maximum of 15€ per person. Places are limited to 12 people, but the first day will be free and open to everyone willing to discover more about the workshop.

There’s even more: from those willing to take a step further we’d like to remind you that next year we’ll participate in the Air Cargo Challenge competition, and participants of this workshop will be welcome in the future Forlì-Bologna team! The Air Cargo Challenge (ACC) is a very famous European competition in which about 30 teams from all around Europe participate every two years. To find out more about the competition, just surf the Internet, there’s even a Wikipedia page about it!

Finally, don’t waste time! Fill the form here and join the Flight Club!!!

PS: notice that, in case of too many applications, we may need to have a selection phase (according to availability and skill level) and reject some candidates. If you need more information don’t hesitate to contact us.