Local Board Election


As tradition of EUROAVIA Forlì-Bologna, elections are to be held every last week of May. Let’s get ready!

🗓️ Wednesday 31/05 at 19:30
🏛️ AVIS, Sala Riunioni Mario Loreti (Via Giacomo della Torre, 7, 47121 Forlì FC)

Open call for candidates!
Deliver your CV, motivation letter and ppt presentation and apply for the role of:

Legal representative and head of the association. Your main duty is to be the face of the association. You have the greatest responsibility, but also the greatest rewards!

You are the greatest help of the president. Always aware of everything, you make sure all deadlines and procedures are respected, and do the follow-up documents for each meeting!

Every activity requires efforts: the association counts on you to look after the finances! Your role is to keep the balance updated, do the financial report and look for fundings. You always have your last word in the meeting.

Multitasking, flexible and open to new tasks, your role is to make sure that nothing is amiss! You are members of the LB by all means, and you move with dexterity where the other members cannot help!

If you are not able to come, please send the Letter of Delegation, as stated in the emails you received.
Please check the Elections page for further information.

Shape the future of your association!
Live an unforgettable experience!
Build the wings of your and its future!

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