EUROAVIA Magazine: Issue 4

Good morning EUROAVIAns,
today we want to share with you the EUROAVIA Magazine and the Aerospace Europe Bulletin by CEAS.

This year, our resilience has been tested to an extraordinary level. In no circumstance could we have imagined what we would have to endure.

Nonetheless, EUROAVIA has been able to show its ability not only to adapt to challenging periods, but to make the most out of it. By reinventing a brand-new modus operandi, we have managed to virtually reduce our distances and maintain the EUROAVIA engine on full throttle.

This edition of the Magazine shows, by looking back at all the events in the past months, how well we can adapt, reinvent and make good use of what life throws at us. But mostly, how we keep the EUROAVIA spirit alive.

The CEAS Bulletin deals with similar topics, highlighting what the aerospace world had to endure the in the last few months.
In this issue, you will also find an interview with Jean-Francois Clervoy, former ESA astronaut, who discusses the remarkable exploit of SpaceX and the success of the Crew Dragon Demo-2 mission, which unquestionably marks the beginning of a new era for space exploration.