AS Forlì-Bologna runners-up in EUROAVIA Cup 2019/20

Since the beautiful vision that our founders had, troubled but incredibly rewarding, it has been nearly two years that we have been active in Forlì.

It has only been six months since our recognition as an EUROAVIA Affiliated Society.

Throughout our activity, we have organized an International Event, took part in several of them around Europe and participated in a few EUROAVIA International activities.

This Sunday however, we were nominated as the runners-up for the EUROAVIA International Cup 2019/2020. The Cup is an intra-association competition that rewards points based on active participation in international activities and member growth. Out of around 40 associations, we came 2nd.

From the first day, we have always believed in the great spirit of this Community, but no-one could have expected such an incredible result to be achieved in so little time.

Therefore, we want to greatly thank everyone that has made this achievement possible by putting his/her effort into our Association.

AS Forlì Bologna