Collaboration with SIDI

Hello #EUROAVIAns 🚀💫,
We are glad to announce a collaboration between @ASNapoli@ASPisa and @ASForlì-Bologna, that created a #partnership with @SIDI (Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation) 🤝.

SIDI identifies, studies, and explores opportunities and risks of imminent disruptive innovations to guide companies, institutions, and public administrations to unlock their growth potential 💡. They #believe that in a world in constant evolution, thinking in terms of systems is critical.
As they write in their site: “democratizing access to innovation becomes the fundamental driver to allow the world to grow while facing the #challenges of the future.”
If you want to know more about it, don’t worry, there will soon be an #event in which the purpose of SIDI will be explained to you directly by entrepreneurs and innovators from the #SchoolofDisruption 💥.

Moreover, thanks to this partnership 👥, all members of the three #Italian AS have a special price for the on demand #course of Space Architecture & Design and much more, you can find further information for the courses in the link below 😉.

Remember that in an ever-changing world, you need new skills and a new tool to beat the competitors, find new #job opportunities, and stand out from the crowd. For this reason, we believe in this project and we are happy to propose it to you.
To not miss this opportunity, visit the link below!