Good morning #EUROAVIAns!

In order to celebrate the historic launch of the Artemis I mission, we have organized a special party for you! 🚀 On Wednesday, November 16th, at 18:00CET, we will meet at HUB@FO, in the complex of Santa Lucia, (Corso della Repubblica 77, 47121 Forlì) to rewatch the highlights of the mission and to discuss about the future of the lunar exploration. Obviously, there will be food and drinks, so we can have some chilled time all together!🤩

In the unlucky case the launch won’t happen😢, we will still do the event and find something space related!

Link for the registration here!

Artemis I is the first mission of the Artemis program, the brand new NASA program that will lead humans to walk on the Moon for the first time since 1972. But why did NASA choose this name? The name Artemis was chosen because in Greek mythology Artemis is the twin sister of Apollo, the name given to the famous series of missions that led man to walk, for the first time, on another celestial body in 1969.🌕

This mission is very important because, for the first time ever, will be used the “Space Lauch System”, the most powerful rocket ever built, even more powerful than the Saturn V, and the Orion capsule, that will be the “house” of the future astronauts on their journey to the Moon.

Although we can think that this is an all-American mission, the European and Italian presence in the project is fundamental: the “Service Module “ of the Orion Capsule is manufactured by Airbus, and the only European satellite that will be part of the Artemis I mission was designed and built by Argotec, an Italian space company. 🇮🇹🛰

So we are waiting for you, on November 16th, to celebrate with us this incredible milestone of the human exploration of our Universe!