SITAEL visit

Hello #EUROAVIAns☄️
on November the 8th we visited SITAEL’s headquarters in Pisa.

It has been a great experience: we learned a lot on how the company is organised but, most of all, on how plasma thrusters🛸 are developed, tested, and used to guarantee thrust for satellites.

Firstly, we attended a presentation, held by the Head of Propulsion Division Tommaso Misuri. He taught us the major concerns of satellites and presented the Hall Effect Plasma Thrusters made by SITAEL.🚀

After this, we had the possibility to visit the laboratories🔬, including the vacuum chambers used to test the thrusters, and, finally, we could see a real thruster firing during a test!!! It has been a very exciting experience.✨

Finally, we had lunch in Pisa city centre by the famous tower, together with people from EUROAVIA Pisa that joined us and showed us where to get some nice local food!🍕
(thank you @euroaviapisa💙)!

We thank SITAEL for this beautiful visit!!!♥️

More experiences like this one are about to come, so stay tuned!!!🔥