Try for a moment to imagine how the world would be like if it was possible to clone human beings. Certainly, it would solve many problems but it could certainly create others, mostly from an ethical point of view.

The island is a 2005 movie, set in a dangerously dystopian 2019 during which the Earth has been contaminated and citizens needed to be placed into a sealed world. There was, still, one remaining pathogen-free zone called The Island, where winners of the Lottery could be taken to and were free to live their lives without being constantly controlled.

However, the main character, Lincoln Six Ech, discovers that the Lottery is actually a system to selectively remove inhabitants from the sterile futuristic environment. Indeed, the winner is then used for organ harvesting, surrogate motherhood, and other important purposes for each one’s wealthy sponsor (who think their clones are a mass of cells and not conscious people), of whom they are clones.

The entire movie is about Lincoln Six Ech, who struggles to fit into this strict and highly structured reality and the series of events that unfolds when he questions how truthful that world really is. After Lincoln learns all about his real nature and his cruel destiny, he attempts to escape with Jordan Two Delta and expose the illegal cloning movement.

Will the two clones be able to defeat the corrupt system and restore dignity to the lives of their comrades? The film lasts 136 minutes but it doesn’t seem to be that long because it is full of action and twists.

Therefore, if you want to reflect on the great issues of bioethics without getting bored, now you know how to do so! We just have to wish you good viewing.