Pedalling into a greener initiative

Good morning #EUROAVIAns, in today’s Fact Friday we talk about vanMoof bikes.

We see the signs daily, we can see it when walking through the city centre, when going for a stroll in the park and even when taking a tough hike across the mountains. Pollution always surrounds us, be it in the plastic besides the road, the thick grey air hanging in the city or the lack of sparkling stars during a midsummer night. 

Yet, plenty of people and businesses struggle daily to make the world blossom again. One such firm, is vanMoof. This company works hard to integrate bicycles and E-bikes into our daily life. Recently vanMoof has announced their new hyperbike. This E-bike can go up to 50 km/h and has, according to vanMoof, the potential to become the main means of transport within cities. 

Lobbying hard and meeting with representatives from municipalities all around the world, vanMoof hopes to alter the perspective on hyperbikes in cities. It is not a problem, it is the solution.